Matilda the Musical: Movie Review

Matilda the Musical Movie Review: Magical and Majestic Matilda

On its musical performances alone, "Matilda the Musical" provides a refreshing take on a story most of us are already familiar with. The film could have easily banked on their theatrical roots to provide a just-okay experience but this is not what we get. "Matilda the Musical" may not be perfect but it punches in a lot of effort to make this a magical experience through and through.

While most parents love their children, the Wormwoods have hated their daughter Matilda (Alisha Weir) ever since she was born. Neglected and left on her own devices, Matilda turns out to be a genius especially that she spends her free time reading books on her own. When Matilda is forced to go to formal school, she discovers that the place of learning is more like a prison as the headmistress Miss Agatha Trunchbull (Emma Thompson) believes in utmost obedience to her rules - even if it means she cheats.  

We're suckers for musicals and banger after banger, "Matilda the Musical" delivers strong songs, performances, choreography, and set pieces that really make the whole experience a whirlwind of emotions. The creators of this big screen adaptation of this musical didn't pull any punches for sure. But the biggest surprise for us though was Emma Thompson. We were watching this film with our 4 year old son and lo and behold he became literally terrified of Miss Trunchbull halfway through the film and stopped watching. She literally was a cruel villain here and her performance was memorable. The biggest issue for "Matilda the Musical" for us though was that it felt a little bit rushed especially with Matilda's various relationships with her school mates. From Lavender to Bruce, the film failed to show why Matilda should be close to them and why they inspire them to revolt. Overall though, "Matilda the Musical" was a wonderful experience even with its fault. It was able to deliver a faithful adaptation with a new and outstanding subplot and emotional and vibrant songs and performances.

Rating: 4 reels

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