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Wednesday Series Review: Woe If You Haven't Seen It Yet

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"Wednesday" had a rough couple of episodes but by the time we reach the halfway point, the series found its footing and once again we find another series that is a banger for Netflix. Bolstered by great performances from its cast and intriguing screenplay, "Wednesday may be designed for Young Adults in mind but audiences and viewers of any age will most likely find its material quite entertaining and engaging regardless.

Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) once again is expelled from her school after getting revenge on the bullies that have tormented her brother Pugsley. Thinking that Wednesday needed to move to a school closer to her macabre leanings, her parents Gomez and Morticia Addams (Catherine Zeta-Jones), enroll her at their previous school Nevermore Academy - which was designed for outcasts. Wednesday's cold, emotionless personality and her defiant nature make it difficult for her to connect with her new schoolmates and teachers including the principal. However, when a string of killings occur in the town surrounding the school, she decides to solve the local murder mystery using her own hands.

With the series titled as "Wednesday", it is no surprise then that the series heavily revolves around the character of Wednesday Addams and if you expect this to be a direct remake of "The Addams Family" then you'll probably feel a little bit disappointed. But for us, this new format was actually refreshing. It was able to strike that balance between staying true to its source material while coming off as fresh and new at the same time. Compared to the other releases that Netflix has released previously in the same light (for example as "Riverdale"), we really think "Wednesday" is the best yet. Central to the series' success was Jenna Ortega's performance as the lead character of Wednesday Addams. She was able to stay true to character while delivering lines that connected to us. The dark comedy was the biggest hook for us as which never got stale even if the same one-liners and jokes were repeated non-stop from the first to the the eight episode. Another surprise was Emma Myers as Enid (Wednesday's roommate) and of course, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia Addams. Both stood out and we actually wished more screen time were given for both. Story-wise, "Wednesday" was able to sustain its mysteries to the very last episode. The writing was slow in the first few episodes but it eventually snowballs into a satisfying climax and revelation. For sure you'll be guessing who the perpetrator is and it's one that made the "Wednesday" experience a whole lot more fun than anticipated. Overall, "Wednesday" delivers and surprises and we expect more macabre mayhem soon. 

Rating: 4 reels

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