Alice in Borderland Season 1 Series Review

Alice in Borderland Season 1 Series Review: Let the Games Begin

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We're a couple of years late but "Alice in Borderland" Season 1 holds up even a couple of years after its release. To compare it with "Squid Game" is futile. For us, it like comparing apples to oranges especially with "Alice in Borderland" feeling more like a sci-fi and fantasy experiences combined. What is for sure though is that the first season was awesome in its world-building and character development. 

Arisu (Kento Yamazaki) is a video-game-obsessed young man who is a literal bum. Spending in Shibuya with his two best friend, they suddenly find themselves in an alternate version of Tokyo in which they compete in dangerous games in order to survive. Win a game and their visa gets extended by the amount indicated. When their visa expires, they are killed by an unknown entity. The friend set out to unravel one mystery after another as they try to survive and find a way out of the cursed place full of death and despair.

"Alice in Borderland" Season 1 was surprisingly brutal and gory even for our standards and we love it. In its first season, felt like it wasn't really pulling any punches with its characters and story. In fact, one of the episodes completely caught us off-guard with its kill count. Besides its gore and excellent character dynamics, the show really flourishes with its deadly games. These games were interesting and fun in their simplicity and unabashed brutality. Each of the 8 episodes have their own fair share of games with their own twisted twists that surprised us more often than not. Narratively, this was also well-paced with the show doling out enough intrigue to sustain our interest throughout the first season although we must admit that not all secrets and revelations worked or made sense. And to its detriment, the show was extremely conservative on what it revealed to viewers and we were left with a whole lot of questions with little answers. What's clear though is that the first season had excellent acting and chemistry, intriguing story and games, and top-notch production values that will make it one heck of a ride for viewers.

Rating: 4 reels

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