Top Ten Most Popular Movies and Shows by Filipinos in 2022

Have you ever wondered who actually dominated the streaming charts last year in the Philippines? Do you think Marvel films ruled over "Top Gun: Maverick" or did "Wednesday" take over the popularity of "Stranger Things" as Netflix's top show? might have just provided the definitive answer as it recently-released its 2022 Top Ten Streaming Chart List for the Philippines:


Superheroes ruled the cinematic space in the Philippines this year as the most popular films are from the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the DC Films. Of note, "Doll House" which is a local film is the most popular film outside the top five! 


The biggest surprise for us is that "The Walking Dead" still made the top ten list. Even with its series finale, we haven't watched this show in years! As expected, Netflix ruled the top ten list but did "Stranger Things" topping "Wednesday" caught you off-guard?

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