Bodies Bodies Bodies: Movie Review

Bodies Bodies Bodies Movie Review: Different in an Awesome Way

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It's pretty hard to genuinely stand out and come out as different nowadays when it comes to murder-mysteries. But "Bodies Bodies Bodies" genuinely surprised us. Its social commentary and black comedy was well-balanced and the strongest point for the film. And while it slightly overstayed its potential (the narrative eventually became predictable), this was one hectic, silly, and thrilling ride through a hurricane party gone awry. 

When a group of 20-somethings decides to do a "hurricane party" at a remote mansion owned by one of them. At first, the party seems to go without a hitch but once the group decides to do a game they call "bodies bodies bodies", tensions and emotions against each other grow. Things get out of hand when a dead body shows up and the group must try to find the killer among them.

These people are awful and despicable. This is the thought that came through our mind while watching "Bodies Bodies Bodies". And we knew that its writing and the commentaries that accompany it simply hooked us and got us. The experience may not be for everyone though as the film devolves into a frenetic shouting match between "friends" and some of its scenarios turn out to be too silly to be believable. This was probably our biggest frustration as the film overstayed its welcome a bit and could have used some streamlining still. You'll probably guess the twist before the actual reveal. The film directed by Halina Reijn had strong cinematography to accompany its awesome script as Reijn was able to easily translate the claustrophobic and fear-inducing nature of the dark in countless scenes. We must admit that this was way scarier than we first imagined - especially in the context of a murder mystery. Acting-wise, Amandla Stenberg was the clear stand out but Pete Davidson was a close second. Overall, "Bodies Bodies Bodies" injects some modern-day twist in a very popular genre right now. It's definitely a can't miss experience if you're into these kinds of films. 

Rating: 4 reels

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