Ten Little Mistresses: Movie Review

Ten Little Mistresses Movie Review: To Die For

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For the first Filipino-based Prime Video release, "Ten Little Mistresses" wasn't half bad. Its in-your-face and bombastic comedic style wasn't really to our taste which meant that the first half was a pretty rough ride. But the film eventually found its footing and we won't deny that the second half's amazing turnaround completely caught us off-guard. "Ten Little Mistresses" had more than laughs and silliness up for offer and we loved it for that.

Billionaire Valentin Esposo (John Arcilla), has just lost his wife. Grieving, he invites his ten mistresses to his secluded mansion to celebrate his birthday. The mistresses think that Valentin is on the lookout for a new legal wife, fight tooth and nail to get his attention . But when Valentin turns up dead at the night of his party, all ten women end up being prime suspects - each of which having a secret grudge of their own against their lover.

We're very particular when it comes to our mystery films. The writing and the reveals should make sense. And if any local film's track record is indication, we weren't having our hopes up to be impressed with "Ten Little Mistresses". But we were completely wrong as this was one of the highlights of the film in our opinion. After all was said and done, the film didn't have huge logical loopholes or confounding revelations to weigh it down. The writing was solid if we could best describe it. Of course, the comedy was bombastic and unrelenting as anticipated. While this wasn't really the type of comedy that gets our attention, the target audience that finds these entertaining will probably find themselves laughing out loud to their hearts contents. The film was heavily-focused on being a comedy on its first half and an actual mystery thriller on its second half so expect it to get better and better the longer it goes. The biggest issue we had with the film though was the amount of characters it had to develop and the film mightily struggled to introduce and develop each mistress. These characters were out-of-this-world interesting and yet only a handful of them had enough screen time to be relevant sadly. Why stick with ten if they could have been five or less? In any case, this was an impressive output from Jun Robles Lana once again especially given the context and scale of this release.        

Rating: 3 and a half reels

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