The Fabelmans: Movie Review

The Fabelmans Movie Review: Spielberg Magic

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"The Fabelmans" is more than just a coming of age drama. It was also a love letter to film and filmmaking - which made this so much more impactful for us on a personal level. This film was outstanding not even knowing that this was loosely-based on Steven Spielberg's life. Obviously, this is a personal film for him and it shows. This was an emotional thrill ride from start to finish in so many levels.  

Ever since he was young, Sammy Fabelman (Gabriel LaBelle) has been fascinated by films and filmmaking. And while he has shown massive talent as a filmmaker with his short films, his father Burt Fabelman (Paul Dano), who is a brilliant computer engineer, disapproves of his son's passion. His mother Mitzi (Michelle Williams) on the other hand supports his son. As the Fabelmans are forced to relocate to several times across America, Sammy and his family struggle to find balance in their lives.  

Don't let the light-hearted nature of "The Fabelmans" fool you into thinking that this film doesn't have an emotional gut punch because it did. It's one of those that can adapt to the type of viewer or viewing that you want to experience. You can take it as a no-frills coming of age story, or you could look at it as a love letter to film, or you could even look at it as Spielberg's own life story - but what we're sure of is that it will be a rewarding experience regardless of how you want to take it in. And we're pretty sure that this film will age better and better the more times you view it. This is a testament to the film's writing which surprised us most. The acting and cinematography were astounding as expected but where the film takes a slight stumble is with its characterization. We found this part to be lacking when it came to the supporting cast especially with Sammy's sisters and Seth Rogen's Bennie. In any case, this is literally Steven Spielberg's personal film and probably his passion project and it shows.   

Rating: 4 and a half reels

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