Unlocked: Movie Review

Unlocked Movie Review: Technology at its Worst

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With how phones and the connectivity backbone behind it have evolved rapidly since the smart phone was introduced more than a decade ago, it's no surprise that most of us use our phones to manage every step in our lives. From keeping in touch with family, searching for new acquaintances, entertainment, and even finances, we can do anything and everything with a few taps and a few minutes easily. You can even say that this is the very ideals why we need technology. But "Unlocked" presents technology at its worst. Where a sick individual uses technology to stalk, to harass, and more. While this concept isn't new, "Unlocked", even at its most hyperbole, was scary believable.

Lee Na-Mi (Chun Woo-hee) works as a marketer for a start-up company. She, like most of us, has everything in her life revolve around her mobile phone. From managing her company's social media account to bonding with her friends. But when she leaves her phone by accident, a man gets a hold of her phone and uses it to track and stalk her every move. 

We really can't say how realistic "Unlocked" is with its portrayal of hacking. The hacker was able to monitor and clone the victim's device like it was nothing. We would like to think that this was half-fiction but who's to say this isn't possible also. "Unlocked" was able to make its exaggerations feel real and at least with its premise, it was able to flush it and develop it well. But "Unlocked"  isn't just about hacking and this is where the film takes a huge downfall. This felt pedestrian on its other aspects and the incompetency of its various characters was a frustrating experience. While the technology aspect was believable, the characters and story were nothing special and even outrageous with their deadpan reactions. If we could best describe "Unlocked", it was just okay. It's a great way to waste a couple of hours away without feeling guilty but it is also not as compelling or interesting as it could have been. 

Rating: 3 reels

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