Hunt for a Serial Killer with Martin Lawrence in "Mindcage" – Now on Lionsgate Play

“Just some old demons,” Detective Jake Doyle (Martin Lawrence) says as he grimly looks over a murder victim found inside a church, who’s made to appear like a statue of an archangel with golden wings. It’s rather artistic and beautiful, one might say, as Doyle recognizes the signature of a previous serial killer called “The Artist.” There is only one problem in this murder case: The Artist is currently serving his sentence in a psychiatric institution and could not have committed the murder. So, who could this new killer be?

That’s how Lionsgate’s "Mindcage" begins, a psychological thriller and Martin Lawrence's comeback that PLDT Home subscribers can now stream on Lionsgate Play just by activating their complimentary voucher for a free subscription.

In the film, Detective Mary Kelly (Melissa Roxburgh) is tasked to assist the lead investigator Doyle (Martin Lawrence). She finds out that five years ago, The Artist (John Malkovich) kidnapped and murdered six prostitutes. The Artist preserved their bodies, decorated, and arranged them in metal frames to be found in various places in the city. He called them his “Masterpieces.” Doyle caught The Artist and has been haunted by the case since, as a copycat emerges not long after. The copycat, with intimate knowledge of The Artist’s MO poses the body of a second victim — in a more public space and with elaborate decoration, then poses a third. Kelly has no choice but to talk to The Artist for help. His condition: his execution, which is scheduled in two weeks, be commuted to life in prison — and for him to have his art supplies back. When they discover pieces of evidence hidden in the victims as suggested by The Artist, the stakes get higher and the pursuit more personal.

Mindcage is a cat and mouse game that’ll have you on the edge of your seat as the two detectives get close to catching the killer with The Artist’s help. The film mixes the psychological thriller genre with a little of the supernatural — all conducted by The Artist. Viewers, especially fans of thrillers and crime stories, will be totally shocked at the twists and turns that director Mauro Borrelli has in store.

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