Missing Movie Review: Screenlife like Reallife

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Back in 2018, "Searching" caught us off-guard with how strong its screenlife thriller implementation was. That film simply blew us away. And almost 5 years later, we get "Missing" which is a standalone sequel that uses the same twists, turns, and concept of its predecessor. Maybe time helped out a lot but this sequel was almost as strong and moving as the first film. They didn't miss a single beat.

When her mother Grace (Nia Long) disappears while on vacation in Colombia with her boyfriend Kevin (Ken Leung), June’s (Storm Reid) creatively uses her computer to search for answers while being stuck in the United States. But as she digs deeper through her mom's and Kevin's digital footprints, her sleuthing opens a can of worms as June unravels secrets that make her doubt who the real culprit is.

Who would want to spend more time looking at a computer screen for almost two hours when most of us are probably working with computers non-stop for work on the daily? But what "Missing" proves is that with proper writing, excellent pacing, and committed acting, being stuck with another computer screen can still be intriguing and thrilling. In fact, one of the outstanding technicalities with "Missing" like its predecessor was how accurate it was able to copy how each application and device works when compared to real-life. It just adds to the authenticity. Also, if you're familiar with "Searching" then "Missing" follows the same thread and beats more or less. This film still focuses on family and the fragile bond between a parent and growing child. Even with some rehashes, the film was able to pace its narrative out in such a way that we still found it to be emotionally relatable and moving by the time the credits rolled. The film also had a lot of twists and mysteries that will leave you guessing. We must admit though that it felt a little bit outlandish and fantastical at times and it unfortunately became predictable right before it revealed the culprit. Overall though, "Missing" retains all the great aspects why its predecessor was a memorable experience for us. If you liked "Searching", then this film is a can't miss watch.   

Rating: 4 and a half reels

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