Beef Netflix Series Review

Beef Series Review: Layers and Layers of Prime Beef

We probably have with our hands the best American show Netflix has released in quite awhile. "Beef" has the potential to be an instant classic definitely different from your usual Netflix release. This doesn't only have excellent comedy drama in check but depth and breadth to its story, writing, script, and acting. The closest comparison and feeling we had with "Beef" was a show called "Breaking Bad" - and we all know how good that series was.  

When a struggling contractor (Steven Yeun) and an unfulfilled entrepreneur (Ali Wong) get into a road rage incident, the aftermath of their short fight spills off to their personal lives as tempers flare and egos refuse to budge. What ensues is an obsession between the two that brings out their deepest and darkest impulses and indulges.

Extremely heavy and hilarious at the same time, "Beef" will test your emotional and psychological limits when it comes to its main characters. We found ourselves to be highly-impacted by the actions and fate of the characters within "Beef". But the dilemma was that these characters were flawed to a fault - they made decisions that no normal human being would made taking into account the silliness of their beef against each other - and it was this kind of petty decision-making that caught our attention from the first episode to last. And let's be clear, both leads were not good people and they know it and each one just couldn't resist causing more mayhem even if it meant destroying everything else in their path. On one hand though, we still found ourselves rooting for the success of each one which was one of "Beef's" highlights. Steven Yeun and Ali Wong gave well-rounded and career-defining performances in this show and we just couldn't imagine anyone else pulling this off as magnificently as they did. Overall, "Beef" is not your typical Netflix release. It doesn't try to please a particular audience just to get the most views. The end product shows us that it actually had a deeper purpose for its story, writing, characters, and vision and we do hope we get more quality-driven content more often than not moving forward.

Rating: 4 and a half reels

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