Kill Boksoon: Movie Review

Kill Boksoon Movie Review: Jeon Wick It Ain't

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We couldn't help but compare "Kill Boksoon" against the recently released "John Wick: Chapter 4". The premise and setup felt oddly familiar with one purely an action experience and one a more complex mix of drama and suspense. Guess which one won? Anyway, while "Kill Boksoon" doesn't really reach the heights of "John Wick", when it decides to ramp up its tenacious side, Jeon can go head to head with John in creativity, dynamics, and overall fun.

Gil Boksoon (Jeon Do-yeon) is a legendary killer in the contract killing industry. She is employed by MK, the biggest company in the industry, and she is their most successful and trusted killer. But Boksoon wants to retire soon so she can focus on her daughter Gil Jae-young (Kim Sia) which her boss Cha Min-kyu (Seol Kyung-gu) reluctantly accepts. On her last mission, Boksoon fails and some feel she did this on purpose and consequently puts a target on her own back. 

Maybe there's a reason why "John Wick" films focuses more on its action than its story because in "Kill Boksoon", the film just got a little too convoluted by the time its climactic beats hit and this fact significantly hurts its performance. There's just a lot of revelations and conflicts that come off as under-cooked. Other than Boksoon's tumultuous relationship with her daughter, we rarely got to know the other main characters within "Kill Boksoon". For example, there's a love interest that just goes nowhere (and this actually happens more than once in the film), there's a siding of politics, and even an LGBT and bullying twist. Honestly, this film felt like it had everything and anything and most of it lacked any proper build-up or whatsoever. These side stories came off as important but the film never gave us any reasons to care for most of these stories and the characters involved within them. But what "Kill Boksoon" executes well was its action. The set pieces were simply inventive and excellent. There's really nothing to say bad about these frenetic fights other than we wished the film had a lot more of it to offer because the gaps between fights were simply too long at times. Sadly, "Kill Boksoon" could have and should have been more but bogged down by not accepting its action roots more than the need to craft a "dramatic" twist.  

Rating: 3 reels

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