Murder Mystery 2: Movie Review

Murder Mystery 2 Movie Review: Some Murder, No Mystery

Either you like Adam Sandler or you hate him and the success of "Murder Mystery 2" heavily hinges on that particular note. But strictly judging this as a comedy film even, the sequel isn't as effective as the just passable "Murder Mystery". The chemistry, the jokes, and even the plot just felt like a complete step down from its predecessor.

Four years after solving their first murder mystery, couple Nick (Adam Sandler) and Audrey Spitz (Jennifer Aniston) are now full-time detectives. But their beginner's luck has ran out and they are struggling to get their private eye agency off the ground. To move away from reality for just one weekend, they accept to go on an all-expenses trip to celebrate the wedding of their friend the Maharajah (Adeel Akhtar). But trouble follows the Spitzes again when the groom's bodyguard is murdered and the Maharajah kidnapped soon after the festivities begin - making each guest, family member, and the bride a suspect. 

Average is the right word to describe "Murder Mystery 2". This is the kind of "no effort" film that a lot of Adam Sandler-Happy Madison collaborations we have all grown accustomed to. This film could have been a whole lot worse but it could also have been a whole lot better. But there are a lot of other mystery films out there that has in fact mystery within it. "Murder Mystery 2" is pushing the genre to its limits - in a backward kind of way. And sadly, there's really nothing to invest in in terms of its story, plot, and cast of characters. At least the film was sort of funny with the quirky chemistry between Sandler and Aniston but this is the bare minimum of our expectations. Overall, just know what you're getting yourself into and you'll probably won't regret spending 90 minutes on "Murder Mystery 2". A pretty predictable, pedestrian, and middling Happy Madison creation.

Rating: 2 reels

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