Evil Dead Rise: Movie Review

Evil Dead Rise Movie Review: Gnarly and Groovy

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"Evil Dead Rise" continues the nerve-wracking, gut-wrenching tradition that the "Evil Dead" franchise has been known for, continuously upping the ante with its fresh gore and raw shock factor. This film was definitely disturbing and will leave you gasping and asking for more - which bodes well for the future of this franchise.

When an earthquake hits Los Angeles, an old hidden bank vault underneath a condemned apartment building is unveiled. By chance, a family finds an ancient book underneath the rubble which gives birth to possessive demons that run amok in the building, thrusting them into a primal battle for survival as they face the most frightening version of their family and friends imaginable.

With the successful 2013 remake "Evil Dead", we had high expectations on "Evil Dead Rise," and the film did not disappoint. It met our expectations and more, bringing in fresh ideas and solidifying a platform to push the franchise forward. However, we were not  entirely satisfied with the casting. We just couldn't shake off the feeling that the film could have used more tenured actors to ramp up the atmosphere and the tension further. While the selected cast was competent enough, it did not feel particularly special or memorable. Another thing that confounded us was the randomness of how the possession spreads and when these possessions happen. The film randomly possesses as needed and it somewhat cheapens the scare factor a bit. Despite these issues, "Evil Dead Rise" still rose to the occasion. Visually, this film was shot and paced well and coupled with great use of sound, the tension was extremely high from start to finish. "Evil Dead Rise" also introduces new elements into the franchise that we didn't anticipate and one of the best reasons why we rated this so highly - you never know what you're going to experience. Even with its deficiencies, this felt like it was its own monster. It was familiar but different from past films at the same time.      

Rating: 3 and a half reels

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