Renfield: Movie Review

Renfield Movie Review: Horror with Heart

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"Renfield" is much better than anticipated. It delivers a campy film bolstered by interesting protagonists and well-acted characters. However, while Nicolas Cage as Dracula was a revelation, the film feels a bit soulless and its terrible writing sucks the life out of it. 

Renfield, Count Dracula's (Nicolas Cage) familiar for centuries, begins to question the purpose of his commitment. Seeking guidance through self-help counseling and falling in love with a feisty yet honest cop (Awkwafina), Renfield is on a path that will take him face-to-face against his boss.

"Renfield" could have been a whole lot worse. It exceeded our expectations but if we're being honest, those expectations were low to begin with. This film was decent entertainment but still perplexing and frustrating with its execution. We have nothing to say about Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult but good things. Both carried the film and made it a whole lot better than it should have been. While the other supporting casts couldn't overcome the poorly-written script and narrative that they turned out to be shallow and boring in the process. The action in this film was highly-entertaining, violent, creative, and campy. Sadly, these scenes were few and far between muddied by unnecessary and a confounding seriousness being pushed by "Renfield". If we could best describe this film, it felt like a big-budget campy B-movie. It has big-name stars that didn't disappoint with frenetic action but everything else in this film just lacked any bite and any soul.  

Rating: 3 reels

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