Extraction 2: Movie Review

Extraction 2 Movie Review: Lightning Strikes Twice

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One of the biggest surprises back in 2020, "Extraction," blew us away with its dramatic story and unique, intense action. This sequel basically ramps up everything to another level. Essentially bigger and crazier in every aspect, "Extraction 2" guarantees that if you loved the first film, then you'll have the same love for the sequel. And while it didn't outmatch its predecessor, it still felt like a successful stepping stone to reach even bigger heights for this action franchise.

After surviving his mission in Bangladesh, Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) is retired and living a reclusive life far from his mercenary ways. But when a mysterious person arrives at his doorstep and offers him a rescue mission to save a family in Georgia, Tyler Rake finds himself with a tough decision but eventually reluctantly accepts. However, when the actual mission goes awry, Tyler Rake finds himself in the middle of another tough conflict with an enemy who has unlimited resources at his beck and call.

We expected a lot from "Extraction 2," and the film mostly delivered on those expectations. If you're in it for pure action alone, then this film brings it. The action set pieces in this sequel are more elaborate, longer, and have a lot of wince-inducing content that caught us off guard. As expected, there's one particular action sequence that was almost half an hour long, which you'll have to experience firsthand to grasp and appreciate its epic scale. Where the film takes a slight falter is in its writing. Like the first film, we found ourselves wanting more substance from its story and characters. Beyond Rake, we wished we got to know the characters that surrounded him better. The film just wasn't able to deliver a well-rounded experience other than one that provided an adrenaline rush. "John Wick 4" recently proved that excellent action and writing can be equally profound and effective. In "Extraction 2," the action was exquisite, but the writing was just alright, unfortunately. Another real shame is that we're stuck streaming this on our televisions or mobile devices. These kinds of blockbuster all-out experiences are best enjoyed on the biggest screen and the loudest audio system you can find.

Rating: 3 and a half reels'

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