Korean Crime Thriller "SHADOW DETECTIVE" Returns July 5, 2023 Exclusively on Disney+

After a stunning first season that had fans theorizing around-the-clock about the identity of the “Friend”, Detective Kim Taekrok returns for more unmissable drama in "Shadow Detective 2" coming July 5, 2023 (Wednesday) exclusively on Disney+.

Over a year and a half has passed since the disappearance of the “Friend” and Detective Taekrok is now a fresh transfer to the police force’s Women and Juveniles Unit. But before Taekrok can settle into the role, he is once again ripped away from his normal life when a mysterious explosion tears through Geumo city. Initially classified as an accident, Taekrok recognizes the explosion for what it is – murder - but the more he investigates, the deeper he plunges into an impossible labyrinth of lies and conspiracies.

Starring Lee Sungmin as Detective Kim Taekrok; Gyeong Sujin as Lee Seonga; Lee Hakju as Son Gyeongchan; Jung Jinyoung as Choi Dohyung, and Kim Shinrock as Yeon Juhyun; Season 2 also sees the return of director Han Donghwa.

"Shadow Detective" Season 2 joins a rapidly expanding library of showstopping Korean content now available on Disney+. Fans of unmissable storytelling can sign up for Disney+ today to enjoy instant access to Shadow Detective's first season. Stream "Shadow Detective 2" from July 5, only on Disney+.
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