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Stan Lee Documentary Review: Watered Down

There's no denying the impact that Stan Lee has had on our modern culture. The superheroes we know and love today, which have existed for decades, wouldn't be here without him. "Stan Lee," the documentary film, details the highlights of Stan Lee's life from his childhood to how he became the legendary comic book icon. The documentary was interesting, to say the least, and had a lot of surprises. However, we also couldn't shake the feeling that it was toned down to fit a certain narrative.

Celebrate the legacy of Stan Lee as the co-creator of legendary characters such as the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, the X-Men, The Avengers, and more. In this documentary, Stan Lee narrates his early life, achievements, and struggles in becoming a worldwide icon.

We just wanted a little more honesty from "Stan Lee" for it to be a truly effective and well-rounded documentary. Unfortunately, the end product seemed geared towards a specific narrative, which made the content feel somewhat constricted to our liking. This documentary works best if you adjust your expectations accordingly. To best describe its content, it felt like a condensed version of Stan Lee's life, with some of the nuances missing. Regardless of its faults, we still found ourselves captivated by it. Having Stan Lee himself narrate through archival interviews was the best decision they could have made. It added authenticity, and there's no denying that Stan Lee had the charisma to captivate audiences, which the documentary was able to replicate. We also wished it was longer. An hour and thirty minutes is just too short to fully encompass Stan Lee's life. We wished it had the same format as Netflix's "Arnold," which consisted of three one-hour episodes instead of just one. Although this may not be the definitive documentary that we hoped it would have been, it still turned out to be interesting and important to say the least.

Rating: 3 reels

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