Barbie Movie Review: More Than Kenough

Have faith in Greta Gerwig. This director has been producing great movie after the great movie and it's not even because she has a trademark style. From "Lady Bird" to "Little Women" and now "Barbie", she has created films of varying genres, style, and setting and has always found a way to make it work.  We were curious how "Barbie" will be executed and the outcome is whimsical, fun, unique, and had a heart. This blew our minds in more ways that we could have ever imagined.

Stereotypical Barbie (Margot Robbie) and Ken (Ryan Gosling)  are living happily in Barbie World. Along with the other Barbies, Kens and Allan (Michael Cera), every day is perfect. However one day, Barbie suddenly thinks about death, cellulite, and worldly problems only humans ever think about. To discover what's wrong with her, Barbie and Ken decide to go to the real world and find out the joys and perils of human reality. 

Don't let "Barbie" fool you into thinking it's a film for younger viewers because it's actually a film designed and best viewed by adults. This film even with its hilarious coat is extremely deep, thought-provoking, timely, and emotional whenever it decides to pull the trigger. There are two particular scenes in this film that you could feel the weight and importance of what is was trying to say. It's a bit preachy at times but those were awesome and magnificent scenes nonetheless. The real surprise for us though was Ryan Gosling more than anyone else in this film. He plays the counterpart of Stereotypical Barbie and his dumb fragility was captured by Gosling oh-so-perfectly. Margot Robbie, as anticipated, is the perfect Barbie. We couldn't imagine any other actress to play the lead in this film. While we would have loved to say that this film was perfection, we would be lying if we did. This film was fun with non-stop humor from start to end but not all of its jokes land and we could see some viewers finding its comedic style a little bit over-the-top. We also felt that the character of Will Ferrell as the CEO of Mattel as undercooked - maybe even non-essential to the film's overall narrative and outcome. If we could best describe "Barbie", this felt the same as "The LEGO Movie" but with a more mature and deep commentary on real-life problems. Regardless of its missteps, "Barbie" still goes way beyond our imagination and its out of the box concepts land and hit with a wallop. 

Rating: 4 and a half reels

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