Seasons: Movie Review

Seasons Movie Review:  So Many Reasons to Skip

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"Seasons" had everything against it, and unsurprisingly, it fails spectacularly. The story already sounds generic on paper, the characters are unlikable at best and exhibit crazy tendencies at worst, and the convoluted narrative fails to justify its long running time. Unfortunately, the film doesn't do anything special, repeatedly falling into local film tropes.   

In their 30s and failing to meet their "lifetime" partners, best friends Kurt (Carlo Aquino) and Charlie (Lovi Poe) dare each other to love again. Kurt needs to find a date using a mobile app, while Charlie needs to go on a date with a suitor from her workplace. When one of them seemingly falls in love with their date, they realize that their true "lifetime" partner was right in front of them all along.

Knowing how "Seasons" turned out, it feels like such a waste, considering this was a very distinct performance from Lovi Poe. We truly felt that this film showcased her acting capabilities, even though it may not be award-worthy. It was different from her previous roles on film. However, the film is plagued with countless issues, with the biggest grievance being its characters. Charlie, portrayed by Lovi Poe, is simply unlikable and unrelatable due to her actions, which are selfish and not reflective of how a normal person would behave, even considering the circumstances her character finds herself in. Kurt or "Pangs," played by Carlo Aquino, isn't on the same level as Charlie, but we also struggled to understand his true motivations and feelings toward his best friend. It's frustrating how both characters fall on extreme ends when it comes to expressing their love for each other. Additionally, "Seasons" adopts a convoluted approach in developing its narrative, unnecessarily jumping back and forth between the past, present, and even future. It feels like the film is trying its best to appear different, but it fails to shake the reality that it is a clichéd story at its core. Overall, we believe that "Seasons" should have taken a simpler and more straightforward approach. It still wouldn't be groundbreaking or perfect, but at least it would have been watchable.

Rating: 1 and a half reels

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