The Moon: Movie Review

The Moon Movie Review: Mission Impossible Space Edition

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"The Moon" presents a unique cinematic experience that blends elements of both enchantment and challenge. Despite its quirky blend of over-the-top cheesiness, improbable plot twists, and remarkably compelling performances, the film manages to captivate and entertain. Whether by design or mere happenstance, "The Moon" goes beyond expectations and delivers a thrilling space survival narrative.

Korea's inaugural lunar mission ends in tragedy as an explosion rocks the spacecraft. Fast forward seven years, and a subsequent mission faces technical malfunction due to solar wind, leaving astronaut Sun-woo (Doh Kyung-soo) stranded in space. To navigate this crisis, Naro Space Center calls upon Dr. Kim (Sul Kyung-gu), its former director, to orchestrate Sun-woo's safe return.

"The Moon" treads a fine line between audacious spectacle and engrossing drama. Remarkably, EXO's Doh Kyung-soo offers a well-rounded portrayal of an astronaut grappling with physical and mental challenges in the depths of space. His performance stands as a surprising highlight. The film's technical prowess is evident, with visually stunning effects and a set design rivaling that of any Hollywood film. While most scenes seamlessly integrate these effects, a few instances stand out but forgivable. However, for viewers seeking realism in space survival, "The Moon" doesn't deliver at all. It leans more as a high-octane action film, as our protagonist repeatedly overcomes seemingly insurmountable odds. For example, while the initial death of Sun-woo's colleagues occurs in a single explosion, he endures multiple crashes into the moon, meteor showers, and a lot more - revealing a very thick layer of plot armor. For us, a point of contention is the film's two-hour runtime. The inclusion of exaggerated melodrama and Sun-woo's unrelenting misfortunes extends the film's length unnecessarily. Yet, despite these criticisms, "The Moon" remains a compelling experience laden with unexpected twists and turns. Though it might lack realism, it compensates with an exhilarating ride. In conclusion, "The Moon" defies convention by embracing its unique mix of quirkiness. It ventures beyond realism to offer an action-packed adventure that, while implausible, still manages to captivate. If you're seeking a cinematic journey that balances imagination and excitement, "The Moon" is certainly worth exploring.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

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