Talk to Me: Movie Review

Talk to Me Movie Review: Hands Down one of the Best and Freshest

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Among the plethora of exceptional horror films distributed by A24 in recent years, "Talk to Me" stands out as its most spine-chilling. What sets it apart is its mastery of horror without resorting to typical jump scares; instead, it relies on practical-based and straightforward terror that felt grounded and making for a deeply unsettling experience that lingers long after the credits roll.

When a group of high school friends discover that the embalmed hand they have can summon spirits, they use it to get a different kind of thrill that they eventually get addicted to. But their obsession spirals out of control when one of them pushes the boundaries, unleashing malevolent supernatural forces among their midst.

Unlike most horror films that leave us unaffected once the movie ends, "Talk to Me" haunted our thoughts, even causing a couple of night terrors. Its supernatural elements felt strangely grounded, adding a sense of plausibility to the horror. The cinematography, courtesy of Michael and Danny Philippou, particularly impressed, especially considering it's their feature film debut. Story-wise, "Talk to Me" pleasantly surprised with a narrative depth that exceeded our expectations. It begins as a typical teenage escapade but evolves into a more profound exploration of its themes on loss, grief and longing.

One critique, however, is the lack of an in-depth explanation of the film's world and lore. We understand the basics, like the embalmed hand and the time limit that the teens must follow, but more context could have enhanced our understanding of its world. We simply craved for more information that the film never gave us which felt frustrating. In summary, "Talk to Me" left us intrigued, despite its minor flaws. It leaves room for a prequel or sequel to delve deeper into its intriguing world. We won't deny that we now eagerly anticipate what's coming next from the Philippou brothers.

Rating: 4 and a half reels

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