Keys to the Heart: Movie Review

Keys to the Heart Movie Review: Predictable Predicament

Watch the 2018 Korean original film which this 2023 film is based on right now:

"Keys to the Heart" falls somewhere in the middle. While it's not a bad movie, it also doesn't reach greatness. At its core, the emotional narrative follows a somewhat predictable and ordinary path, offering few surprises to its audience. Despite this significant drawback, the film is elevated by the seasoned performances of its lead actors, Dolly de Leon and Zanjoe Marudo, who managed to make it better than one might expect.

The story revolves around Joma (Zanjoe Marudo), a former boxer who endured a difficult childhood because of an abandonment by his mother, Sylvia (Dolly de Leon). However, due to dire circumstances, he is compelled to temporarily move in with her and discovers that he has an autistic half-brother named Jayjay (Elijah Canlas), who possesses exceptional piano-playing talents. Living with a family he's been estranged from for years, Joma faces the challenge of finding the strength to finally forgive and accept.

Perhaps "Keys to the Heart" wasn't expected to be a cinematic masterpiece, but it pleasantly surprises despite its shortcomings. Zanjoe Marudo and Dolly de Leon deliver powerful performances, portraying a son deeply resentful of his mother and a mother yearning for her son's forgiveness. Their tumultuous relationship and performances adds the emotional depth needed to make the film decent. In terms of the storyline, there's nothing particularly groundbreaking, and you can easily predict the outcome early on. It's somewhat disappointing that the film lacks any real surprises or twists if were being honest. Additionally, the pacing feels rushed at times, with key conflicts resolving without much explanation, leaving viewers to simply accept that the characters, who previously held deep-seated issues, suddenly get along together. At its core, "Keys to the Heart" aims to evoke positive emotions without fluff, and it succeeds in that regard. It may not be a masterpiece, but it's far from unwatchable also. Setting your expectations appropriately from the beginning will help you appreciate this film.


Rating: 3 reels

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