The Burial: Movie Review

The Burial Movie Review: Splendid Surprise

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In the recesses of our minds, "The Burial" shouldn't have been as impressive as it turned out to be, but it defied expectations. Fueled by outstanding performances from Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones, their on-screen chemistry is nothing short of captivating, exuding authenticity and inspiration that surpasses the film's actual narrative. This movie serves as a testament to the idea that having the right talent can either make or break a production.

The story revolves around Jeremiah O'Keefe (Tommy Lee Jones), a financially-troubled funeral home owner. When a handshake deal with a wealthy CEO sours, Jeremiah takes the matter to court, believing that the other party is intentionally delaying the deal, waiting for his bankruptcy. To assist him, Jeremiah and his legal team enlist the services of Willie E. Gary (Jamie Foxx), a slick attorney who specializes in injury-based trials, not contract disputes. Despite the odds stacked against them, they forge ahead, and as expected, the trial has its share of ups and downs. Amidst the legal battle, the unlikely duo forms a bond while striving to win the case and expose corporate corruption and racial injustice.

To be candid, "The Burial" doesn't stand out in terms of its storyline. It follows a by-the-numbers feel-good formula, and our primary concerns lie in its development and pacing. While it addresses weighty topics such as racism and insatiable greed, these themes often feel disconnected from the core courtroom drama. At its heart, the trial revolves around a failed handshake agreement between Jeremiah O'Keefe and the owner of the Loewen Group, making the racial aspect feel somewhat forced. At times, it seems the film skimps on the intricacies of corporate law in favor of a more feel-good approach, leading to occasional lapses in logic.

However, don't mistake our critique for a dismissal of the film's merits. The trial sequences are undeniably solid. What elevates the film beyond expectations are the performances of Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones. In particular, Jamie Foxx delivers a performance one might expect in a big-budget blockbuster, not a mid-budget streaming exclusive. He breathes life and spirit into the character of the eccentric Willie E. Gary. Tommy Lee Jones follows closely behind with his no-nonsense approach as the honest Jeremiah O'Keefe. The film surprisingly provides a deep and nuanced portrayal of the relationship between these two characters, revealing their more serious and human sides. In summary, "The Burial" is the type of film that exceeds its expected quality and is sure to be a splendid surprise those willing to take a chance on it.

Rating: 4 reels

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