V/H/S 85: Movie Review

V/H/S 85 Movie Review: A Middling Blast from the Past

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"V/H/S 85" offers a unique entry into the "V/H/S" franchise, and our foremost advice for those embarking on this cinematic journey is to approach it with an open mind. The film's unconventional and quirky nature sets it apart in a genre often plagued by formulaic horror tropes. It's refreshing to see a departure from the typical jump-scare tactics used to terrify audiences and feature its narrative to deliver thought-provoking and chill-inducing content.

The movie consists of five chilling tales presented through the lens of a made-for-TV documentary. These stories range from a lake with mysterious, otherworldly powers to a devastating earthquake in Mexico and a mysterious shape-shifting being and more. Viewers will be taken on a gruesome journey through the obscure corners of the forgotten '80s .

One commendable aspect of "V/H/S 85" is its ability to maintain our interest throughout its runtime. It cleverly interweaves one of its five stories within the anthology with "Total Copy". This short explores a documentary about a shape-shifting being and the research surrounding it. While the premise is intriguing, the execution falls somewhat short, echoing our overall sentiment towards "V/H/S 85" as a whole. The anthology brims with captivating ideas, but not all of the stories are executed to their full potential.

For example, "TKNOGD" feels too brief, and the connections and payoff between "No Wake" and "Ambrosia" are missed opportunities, as the writers decided to cut them short before they could fully delve into their the implications of their narratives. However, "God of Death" stands out as a highlight, depicting an earthquake in Mexico during a live television broadcast. The portrayal is both gruesome and appealing, drawing from real folklore and actual historical events. "Dreamkill" is our second favorite, delivering the darkest and most disturbing content in the film. It's unpredictable and unhinged, making it a memorable part of the anthology. Overall, "V/H/S 85" serves as a promising introduction to the "V/H/S" franchise. However, we yearned for more depth and substance in its individual stories.

Rating: 3 reels

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