When Evil Lurks: Movie Review

When Evil Lurks Movie Review: A Different Kind of Evil

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"When Evil Lurks" is an Argentinian film that introduces a unique brand of horror. It evokes a feeling reminiscent of a blend between "It Follows" and "Evil Dead." The 99-minute runtime of this film offers a relentless, disturbing, and gory experience from start to finish.

Hearing gunshots in the nearby woods, brothers Pedro and Jaime the next day investigate and discover the body of a man which leads them to a house. They find out that the woman is hiding his son, Uriel, who has become "rotten" - possessed by an unborn demon who is waiting physical birth. The deceased man in they found is a “Cleaner” who is supposed to safely kill Uriel and abort the demon before it possesses others. But when Pedro and Jaime decides to take matters into their own hands, they soon unleash evil and inferno among their midst.

Unrelenting, bleak, and wild. "When Evil Lurks" had no brakes and breaks when it came to giving audiences an extremely unnerving and disturbing experience. It was a relentless rollercoaster of horror, marked by Demián Rugna's skillful direction. Viewers will either find themselves on the edge of their seats in fear or wincing in disbelief at the disturbing scenes they are witnessing first hand on screen. The film's gruesome acts are not for the faint of heart, offering imagery that pushes the boundaries of traditional horror. The heart of the story is Pedro, who attempts to confront an evil he cannot fully comprehend. His character may be frustrating at times, as he deviates from the expected logical course of action. Yet, his choices actually felt authentic if you consider him to be a stubborn and hard-headed individual, lending an air of realism to the narrative. We won't deny though that some aspects of the film for us eluded full understanding, perhaps lost in translation, making it an incomplete experience for those expecting full explanations for their films. However, if you seek a horror film that is fresh, unapologetically violent, and steeped in despair, "When Evil Lurks" excels in delivering on all of these fronts.

Rating: 4 reels

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