Get your Tickets to “WONKA” Right Now One Week Before Its Official Release Date in the Philippines

Get ready to enter a world of pure imagination and book your tickets earlier for “Wonka”. The movie tickets are now available to book at “Wonka,” starring Timothée Chalamet as the beloved chocolate maker, will be shown in IMAX as well. The movie, directed by Paul King and also starring Hugh Grant, Rowan Atkinson, Olivia Colman, Keegan-Michael Key and Sally Hawkins, opens in Philippine cinemas December 6, one week ahead of the United States. In the meantime, check out this sweet guide to the yummy treats in “Wonka”: 

A marvelous morsel, an incredible edible, the Hoverchoc is an exotic combination of purest Wonka chocolate, marshmallow (from the mallow-marshes of Peru), caramel (salted with the bitter-sweet tears of a Russian Clown) and cherry (cherry-picked by the pick of the cherry pickers in the Imperial Gardens of Japan.) But the real secret lies at the center: a microscopic hover-fly that beats its wings so powerfully it allows the consumer to float. After 20 minutes, the hover-fly will tire and exit through the rear.

Silver Lining
Made of condensed thunder clouds and liquid sunlight, the Silver Lining helps you see that faint ray of hope beyond the shadow of despair. Side effects may include saying the word “huh” more often than normal.

Big Night Out
A single chocolate that mimics a night on the town. The outer layer is champagne truffle. Then comes white wine, followed by red. That’s when the singing and dancing starts. Next is a layer of whisky fudge (which may prompt deep emotions and reckless behavior), followed by some old port which prompts a deep lasting sleep. A tiny aspirin at the center of the chocolate fizzes on the tongue causing the victim / consumer to wake up with a strange aftertaste of shame and regret, but come five o’clock they will want to do it all over again. 

Giraffe Milk Macaroon
Made with the distilled milk of a giraffe, this macaroon will restore your zeal and make you feel the tallest in the room. Say farewell to feeling small, and frightened of it all. With Wonka’s Giraffe Milk Macaroon, you’ll feel ten feet tall!

Forty Second Sweet
This little marvel – known colloquially as the Broadway Choc – will make you break into song and dance. Share it with your friends and soon your whole life will be like a perfectly choreographed Broadway Show!

Hair Repair Éclair
Lost your hair? Can’t think quite where? Feeling fairly bare up there? Don’t despair! Wonka’s prepared! Behold his hair repair eclair. Made from ground vanilla, from the mountains of Manila, it includes a single drop of yeti sweat which will prompt full, thick growth. Try mixing it with chameleon juice for even more colorful results!

Acacia Mint
Along with a good scratch behind the ears, nothing soothes the inquisitive soul of Abigail the Giraffe – or puts her in a more generous mood – like a handful of Willy Wonka’s Acacia Mints.

The Wonka Bar
Every year for his birthday, Willy’s Mamma gave him a single bar of chocolate, lovingly secured in a homemade wrapper. Willy has saved the last bar of Mamma’s Chocolate, until the moment when he fulfills his promise to her, that one day he would share their chocolate with the world. A lucky few may find a golden ticket hidden within…

Get ready to feast your eyes on “Wonka,” opening exclusively in Philippine cinemas, including in IMAX, December 6. Join the conversation online and use the hashtag #WonkaMovie

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