Sister Death (Hermana Muerte): Movie Review

Sister Death (Hermana Muerte) Movie Review: Slow Burn Horror

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Remove all the clichéd jump scares from your typical Hollywood horror film, and you have "Sister Death." If you're looking for a relentless thrill ride, this film might leave you wanting, as it avoids cheap scares and instead relies on the genuinely haunting presence of the supernatural and the real world, making it a terrifyingly disturbing experience.

Narcisa (played by Aria Bedmar) had a miraculous encounter with Mother Mary during her childhood, earning her reverence in her town. A decade later, she decides to become a nun and is about to take her vows in a convent. However, doubts about her faith and her past begin to plague her and soon, she becomes the target of a sinister entity that will further test her faith.

"Sister Death" invites comparisons to the recently-released "The Nun II." Both films are set in convents with orphan girls and young nuns, but their approaches to horror differ greatly. If you prefer action-packed thrills, "The Nun II" takes the lead. However, if you seek a deeper, more nuanced horror experience, "Sister Death" steals the spotlight. Paco Plaza's direction incorporates beautiful cinematography that enhances the unsettling imagery within the convent. While the first two acts may be slow, the final chapter reveals the true horror story behind "Sister Death." Bolstered by superb acting from Aria Bedmar, this film was a surprise for us. And while "Sister Death" may not cater to every horror fan, it offers a fresh and unique experience that ventures off the beaten path, guaranteed to send shivers down your spine in ways you never imagined.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

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