The Killer: Movie Review

The Killer Movie Review: Silent Assassin

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"The Killer" immerses you in the intricate psyche of a killer, serving as a surprisingly intricate character study. The film is solely narrated by Michael Fassbender, guiding audiences through his character's thoughts as he embarks on a mission of inevitable death against his targets. Beyond its outstanding visuals and fight choreography, "The Killer" sustains our interest not through an adrenaline rush alone but through genuine curiosity.

When he fails to assassinate his primary target, an assassin (Michael Fassbender) finds himself as the target of his employers. When they unwittingly hurt someone he cares about deeply, the assassin decides to seek revenge on his employers and to go his own international manhunt he insists isn’t personal.

We couldn't help but draw comparisons between "The Killer" and "John Wick," not just because of the similar narrative beats and the fact that both main characters are unstoppable killing machines, but also due to the stark differences between the two films. While "John Wick" is all about action, "The Killer" leans more towards dialogue than punches. We realized that we actually prefer this approach much more. However, if you're the type that's expecting nonstop fights and car chases, "The Killer" might disappoint you, as it simply isn't that kind of experience. Here, David Fincher and Michael Fassbender take their time to develop the characters and the story. Your attention is captured not by the gruesome fights, but by the minute and subtle details narrated by the Killer himself. Michael Fassbender is mesmerizing in this film, proving that he is one of the best actors in the business right now. He held our attention from the first scene to the very last scene. Overall, "The Killer" is simple yet deadly in its approach. It can be a straightforward revenge thriller if you want it to be, but there's simply more to this film for those willing to take it to another level.

Rating: 4 reels

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