Replacing Chef Chico Full Series Review

Replacing Chef Chico Full Series Review: Beyond Food

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Simple and clean - that's what we liked most about "Replacing Chef Chico." Each episode lasted half an hour without the unnecessary bloat typically associated with local shows. Yet, even with its simplicity, the show managed to transcend the confines of the kitchen, its food, and the tumultuous romances between its leads.

Hain, a Filipino fine dining restaurant, customizes each dish based on the unique life stories of its diners - an idea pioneered by head chef Chef Chico (Sam Milby). However, this approach, while fostering a steady stream of loyal patrons, hasn't led to profitable growth for Hain. To aid the restaurant, Chico's mom hires consultant Raymond (Piolo Pascual) to iron out its problems. Yet, things take an unexpected turn when Chico (Milby) gets into an accident, leaving him in a coma. The fate of Hain is suddenly entrusted to his capable but untested sous chef, Chef Ella (Alessandra de Rossi).

With roughly half-hour episodes and just eight in total, you might assume that "Replacing Chef Chico" lacks enough content to hold its weight. Contrarily, this first Philippine-produced Netflix original offers a low-risk, high-reward binge experience that's been missing lately. Given its short running time, the show didn't waste a moment reaching its eventual conclusion. Each episode had a clear purpose, intent, and vision, making it easy-to-digest, compelling, and timely. However, it's undeniable that its breakneck pace might result in certain elements feeling rushed. For instance, the romantic dilemma involving Ella, Chico, and Raymond required more development for a compelling narrative. Ella's sudden shift from being interested in Chico to falling for Raymond felt abrupt and even unnatural. Yet, we prefer this concise approach over needlessly elongated storylines. Overall, "Replacing Chef Chico" proved to be a compelling watch despite its shortened format. While it lacked specific depth in some of its key narrative points, it consistently delivered intriguing and thought-provoking drama, keeping us engaged from the first episode to last.

Rating: 4 reels

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