Saltburn: Movie Review

Saltburn Movie Review: Mysterious and Disturbingly Alluring

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Prepare yourself for an unsettling yet captivating journey with "Saltburn". This film delves into darkness while maintaining an enthralling allure. Its remarkable cinematography, eerie atmosphere, standout performances, and enigmatic plot create an experience that grips you from the opening scene till the very end.

The story follows Oliver Quick (played by Barry Keoghan), a fellow student in Oxford grappling with the sudden loss of his father. Invited by Felix (portrayed by Jacob Elordi) to spend the summer at their opulent family estate, Oliver is drawn into the world of wealth and eccentricity, struggling to break free from its clutches.

"Saltburn" is a cinematic marvel that's tough to fault - at least about two-thirds of it. The impeccable pacing keeps the intrigue alive, steadily unraveling the quirks of the Catton family while seamlessly shifting focus onto Oliver when it needed to. Barry Keoghan's portrayal of the manipulative and fiendish friend is a standout; his performance throughout the film is both chilling, disturbing and captivating. He is quickly becoming one of our favorite actors. However, while the majority of "Saltburn" maintains its exquisite storytelling, it stumbles in its final act. The narrative attempts a conclusion that feels somewhat unbelievable and even implausible, revealing the core plot in a manner that might leave audiences questioning why no one even questioned the events that do transpire. Nevertheless, "Saltburn" remains an incredibly compelling watch, an unsettling yet irresistible experience that holds your gaze despite its disturbing twists and turns.

Rating: 4 reels

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