Society of the Snow (La sociedad de la nieve): Movie Review

Society of the Snow (La sociedad de la nieve) Movie Review: Hauntingly Real

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Survival films, a cherished genre for us, have always captivated us by delving into scenarios that feel genuinely real and believable. "Society of the Snow" stands out as a film that captures the raw essence of survival in an extremely genuine manner. From the moment the occupants of Flight 571 confront their crash, the movie swiftly transforms into one of the most emotional, thrilling, and gripping portrayals of survival ever seen on film.

On October 13, 1972, Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 was chartered to transport a young rugby team, along with their family and friends, to Chile. However, a misjudgment by the pilot leads to a catastrophic crash into a mountain cliff, placing the survivors in the heart of the Andes. As the days pass and the chances of rescue dwindle, the survivors resort to extreme measures to endure one of the most desolate and challenging places on the planet.

While "Society of the Snow" may not boast perfect pacing or an equal introduction and characterization of each survivor, there is a sense that, on a technical level, it could have been more refined and concise. However, these technicalities fade away when one considers what J.A. Bayona has achieved in bringing to life the courage, horror, and miracles that transpired in the Andes in 1972. What struck us most about this film was the palpable realism of every emotion and struggle to survive. The air crash scene, for example, portrayed the visceral and unrelenting nature of an incident on that scale, reminiscent of a scene from "Final Destination" but far more realistic and believable. Enhanced by an outstanding soundtrack, the film provides an intense experience on multiple levels and in various situations which we didn’t anticipate. Solemn in its quiet moments but powerful in its triumphs and failures, this was a roller coaster ride of emotions. And we haven’t even talked about the excellent cinematography that’s as beautiful as it is haunting in its isolation. "Society of the Snow" may have its faults, but we don't hesitate to give it a perfect score simply because it is a masterwork in depicting the reality faced by its protagonists.

Rating: 5 reels

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