Wish You Were The One: Movie Review

Wish You Were The One Movie Review: Chemistry Wins

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In "Wish You Were The One," the standout feature undoubtedly lies in the chemistry between Bela Padilla and JC Santos. Their on-screen pairing not only compensates for the film's narrative shortcomings but also elevates it to a realm where flaws become forgivable and forgotten. The film's "kilig" moments and emotional peaks easily overshadow its narrative deficiencies.

Astrud (Bela Padilla) harbors a desperate desire to crash a wedding, driven by hopes of rekindling her romance with her ex-boyfriend (Kean Cipriano) who is the hired chef. Serendipitously, Ellis (JC Santos) shares her path to the same wedding, seeking a fake fiancée to incite jealousy in his ex-girlfriend (Franki Russell). However, as the wedding day unfolds and the two protagonists delve deeper into each other's worlds, they discover the possibility of a genuine affection blossoming between them.

The film ventures into the realm of romantic optimism, prompting viewers to ponder the plausibility of love blooming within a single day. Yet, it often stretches the bounds of realism with its overly optimistic scenarios and improbable twists not only in its main narrative. While it prioritizes its unique narrative format over logical character backgrounds, this very format paradoxically becomes the soul of the film, largely owing to the undeniable chemistry shared between Bela Padilla and JC Santos. They not only carry the weight of the story but also inject it with an unexpected charm, making it far more captivating than it should have been. Despite its outlandish premise, "Wish You Were The One" succeeds in drawing viewers into the lives of its characters, compelling them to invest emotionally and root for the protagonists' unconventional romance. The unexpected twist adds an element of surprise, albeit one that could easily feel like a cop out moment for some viewers. Nevertheless, "Wish You Were The One" offers a fleeting yet enjoyable romance drama experience and one that doesn't leave behind regret for having invested a couple of hours on it.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

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