Anime film “SPY X FAMILY: CODE WHITE” Opens in PH Cinemas on March 13, 2024

Did you know that "Spy x Family: Code White" opened at No. 1 in Japan during its December 2023 holiday weekend, and continued its No. 1 streak for three weeks, earning 4.41 billion yen? Now Filipinos can get to experience first-hand why Japanese went waku-waku over the film when the hit movie makes its way to Philippine theaters on March 13, 2024.

"Spy x Family: Code White" follows the Forgers, a family created by two undercover spies, Loid and Yor, who lead double lives that they keep from each other, and from their adopted daughter Anya. However, oblivious to her telepathic powers, Anya knows both their secret lives. As Loid progresses on his mission, Operation Strix, he takes his family on a mission with him under the guise of a fun winter holiday. Anya mistakenly entangles herself in a dangerous series of events that threaten world peace. 

Distributed by Encore Films PH.
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