Lover, Stalker, Killer: Documentary Review

Lover, Stalker, Killer Documentary Review: Nightmare Fuel

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In the crowded landscape of true crime documentaries, "Lover, Stalker, Killer" emerges as a standout with its incredible narrative straight out of a thriller novel. The film delves into the chilling yet captivating real-life ordeal of a mechanic seeking casual dates, only to have his life spiral into chaos when he encounters the wrong person. While "Lover, Stalker, Killer" doesn't break new ground in the genre, it possesses all the elements necessary for a compelling watch, almost like a cheat code for gripping storytelling.

The story unfolds as Dave Kroupa ventures into online dating in 2012, encountering women who share his casual outlook on relationships. Among them, he forms a deeper connection with Cari Farver. However, when Dave rebuffs Cari's advances for a more serious commitment, she descends into sending threatening messages constantly to Dave, turning what was once a budding friendship into a deadly obsession full of shocking twists and turns.

Clocking in at a short 90 minutes, "Lover, Stalker, Killer" doesn't overstay its welcome. The pacing is perfect, and its visually captivating design grabs your attention from the opening scene to the last one. The documentary's unexpected lighter and more laid-back style adds to its allure, complemented by interviews that reveal both the quirky and disturbing aspects of the individuals involved. It's advisable to approach the documentary with no prior knowledge to fully grasp and experience the shock factor of the dark and manipulative nature of the true crime case. Regrettably, while "Lover, Stalker, Killer" excels in entertainment value, it falls short in providing a deeper exploration of the investigative and court trial aspects of the case. Those seeking more insight into the legal proceedings may find the documentary skimming over crucial details in favor of a more audience-friendly package.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

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