A Journey: Movie Review

A Journey Movie Review: May Saysay (With Purpose)

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The intentions behind "A Journey," from its cast to its soundtrack, are evident to viewers. Initially, our concern was that the film might lean too heavily on nostalgia, to drive its success. However, "A Journey" defies this expectation. While its narrative may not break new ground conceptually, the film excels in delivering a purposeful and inspiring experience and it transcends the typical boundaries of a drama film and offers a whole lot more to its audience.

When Shane (Kaye Abad) learns that her cancer has returned, she resolves to complete her "magic list" with the time she has left. With the support of her husband Bryan (Paolo Contis) and close friend Tupe (Patrick Garcia), they embark on a journey through Tasmania to fulfill her list one by one.

Despite our initial reservations, RC Delos Reyes' latest film continually proved us wrong. At its core lies its cast, whose natural chemistry lends authenticity to their friendships on screen. This chemistry amplifies the emotional impact of the narrative further that there will be several scenes that tears will roll down your face. While Kaye Abad and Paolo Contis shine in this film, Patrick Garcia, though still delivering a capable performance, struggles especially in his emotionally-charged scenes. Narratively, "A Journey" has its strengths and weaknesses. Its simple and well-paced narrative delivers genuine surprises most of the way but becomes somewhat predictable towards the end. Overall, "A Journey" offers a nuanced experience even with its simplicity. It caters to a variety of  audiences and will definitely provide a fulfilling experience who want pure drama or a nostalgic trip from its cast. However, its true beauty lies in its ability to inspire and its poignant message urging us all to live our days with purpose.


Rating: 3 and a half reels

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