Becky & Badette: Movie Review

Becky & Badette Movie Review: Finger Lickin' Fun

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At its core, "Becky & Badette" is an absolute blast. This film confidently embraces its campiness, delivering a finger lickin' good time from start to finish. Eugene Domingo and Pokwang shine as the titular duo, serving up laugh-out-loud moments and keeping audiences entertained throughout its runtime. If you're in the mood for a film that's outrageously entertaining, "Becky & Badette" is the perfect choice.

The premise of the film centers around Becky (Eugene Domingo) and Badette (Pokwang), lifelong bestfriends stuck in dead-end jobs. Ashamed on what they have failed to achieve, they get drunk at their high school reunion and both make a fake confession about being loves. The video of their confession goes viral and they find themselves propelled into the spotlight as supposed lesbian lovers. What follows is a hilarious rollercoaster ride as they navigate fame and fortune while trying to keep up the charade.

Beyond its comedic surface, "Becky & Badette" offers some unexpected depth. The film tackles themes of identity, friendship, and the power of pubclic and media perception with a surprising amount of heart. While some may dismiss it as a mere comedy, there's more to uncover beneath its surface. Central to the film's success are the performances of Eugene Domingo and Pokwang, who effortlessly carry the weight of the story with their impeccable comedic timing and pairing. Each one delivering their own brand of comedy well also. However, the film is not without its flaws. The narrative can feel somewhat predictable at times, and the abundance of side characters with little or no purpose may distract from the main storyline. Overall, "Becky & Badette" exceeded expectations. While it may not be flawless, it's undeniably charming and offers a refreshing take on the comedy genre. With its mix of humor and heart, this film is sure to leave audiences smiling.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

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