Kampon: Movie Review

Kampon Movie Review: Terrifyingly Convoluted

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"Kampon" presents itself as a visually striking horror film that manages to surprise viewers with its unsettling imagery. However, beneath its surface, the film struggles with a tangled narrative that leaves much to be desired. Despite commendable performances from Derek Ramsay and Beauty Gonzalez, the film's flawed writing undermines its potential.

The story revolves around Clark (Derek Ramsay) and Eileen (Beauty Gonzalez), a couple grappling with infertility. Their lives take a bizarre turn when a young girl named Jade (Erin Espiritu) appears, claiming to be Clark's daughter from a past he denies exists. Eileen's acceptance of Jade into their lives sets off a chain of events that delves deeper into Clark's and Jade's mysterious past.

"Kampon" feels like a haphazard amalgamation of ideas, lacking cohesion and clarity in its narrative direction. While it attempts to explore themes of parenthood and supernatural elements, it fails to deliver a cohesive message to its audience. As a horror film, it relies heavily on disturbing imagery and sporadic gore, but these moments are fleeting and fail to sustain a sense of dread throughout the film's runtime. The audience will be left grappling with unanswered questions and confusing plot developments, detracting from the overall viewing experience. Despite its shortcomings, "Kampon" boasts strong performances from its lead actors, particularly Derek Ramsay and Beauty Gonzalez, who bring depth to their characters. Nor Domingo also shines in his supporting role as a Colonel looking out for his old friend Clark. However, their efforts are hampered by the film's muddled narrative and unresolved themes as mentioned above. In conclusion, "Kampon" had the potential to deliver a compelling horror experience but falls short due to its narrative shortcomings. While it offers moments of visual intrigue and solid performances, it ultimately fails to deliver a coherent and satisfying story to make it special and stand out.

Rating: 2 reels

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