What Jennifer Did: Movie Review

What Jennifer Did Movie Review: True Crime Bait

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The true crime library of Netflix often presents a mixed bag, and unfortunately, "What Jennifer Did" falls into the latter category. This documentary proved challenging to watch, not due to the disturbing actions of Jennifer Pan, but rather because it lacked the substance to captivate audiences. When one can easily find YouTube videos offering more in-depth analysis and suspenseful editing, the question arises: why release this documentary at all?

In 2010, Jennifer Pan calls 911 to report a home invasion resulting in the shooting of her parents. However, as investigators scrutinize her account, discrepancies emerge. What unfolds is a convoluted narrative of greed, love, and delusion.

The entire experience was confounding. Firstly, the title serves as a major spoiler, robbing the documentary of any potential suspense. Moreover, it heavily relies on archival police interviews with Jennifer Pan, failing to provide fresh insights into her motivations or into the case. Even viewers unfamiliar with the case found of little interest. There are mostly interviews from start to finish. There's a glaring absence of compelling or emotionally resonant content to set it apart from even the most run-of-the-mill documentary. Directed by Jenny Popplewell, who previously helmed "American Murder: The Family Next Door," this release is a significant letdown compared to her excellent 2020 output. Sadly, it's advisable to skip this and simply read the Wikipedia page on Jennifer Pan instead to get your true crime fix.

Rating: 1 and a half reels

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