Love Lies Bleeding: Movie Review

Love Lies Bleeding Movie Review: Mad Love

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Rose Glass's "Love Lies Bleeding" offers an immersive journey from the gritty world of late 80s gym culture to the complex dynamics of lesbian love and the darker realms of a family lurking beneath the surface. The collision of lust and violence creates a mesmerizing tapestry that grips viewers from start to finish.

The story follows gym manager Lou (portrayed by Kristen Stewart), who finds herself drawn to the ambitious bodybuilder Jackie (played by Katy O'Brian) en route to Las Vegas. Their instant connection blossoms into love, but their relationship and Jackie's dreams are jeopardized by a tragic incident.

While "Love Lies Bleeding" boasts stunning visuals and adept direction, its true strength lies in the stellar performances of its cast. Kristen Stewart and Ed Harris deliver expectedly solid performances, but it's Katy O'Brian who steals the spotlight. In her breakout role, O'Brian breathes life into Jackie, portraying her transformation from determined bodybuilder to a volatile force with remarkable depth and authenticity. Despite its grounding in reality, the film offers surreal moments that add to its intrigue. This happened more times than we anticipated which certainly provided a unique and memorable touch to the whole experience. However, one notable flaw is its lack of clear character backgrounds, leaving viewers yearning for more context behind their actions. Nonetheless, "Love Lies Bleeding" captivates with its execution and unique presentation, making it an exhilarating cinematic journey despite its narrative and character shortcomings.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

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