"HIERARCHY" Teaser Trailer Unveils Jooshin High School’s Elite World Starring the Next Generation of K-Teen Stars

Step into the corridors of Jooshin High School, where wealth and status are everything, and secrets hide behind every corner. Premiering on June 7, 2024 (tomorrow) "Hierarchy" offers a fresh take on the high school drama genre. Directed by Bae Hyeon-jin ("Start-Up") and written by Chu Hye-mi, the series unfolds in a prestigious private high school governed by a rigid social hierarchy that reflects the corruption often seen in adult society, complete with the inevitable gossip, scandal and conflict. The teaser reveals a world where the children of the rich hold sway with their money and social rank.

The series features a cast of promising new actors, led by Roh Jeong-eui as Jung Jae-i, the most popular girl in school and dubbed as the queen. Following her is Lee Chae-min as Kang Ha, the scholarship transfer who shakes things up in their world. Kim Jae-won plays Kim Ri-an, Jae-i’s boyfriend and the school’s king. Rounding out the group of popular students are Chi Hae-won as Yoon He-ra and Lee Won-jeong as Lee Woo-jin.

With a mysterious death, a new student and bold moves that threaten the established order, what secrets will come to light amid these unsettling events at Jooshin High School? Find out tomorrow when "Hierarchy" premieres, exclusively on Netflix.

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