The Garfield Movie: Movie Review

The Garfield Movie Review: Could Have Been Any Other Cat

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We expected worse from "The Garfield Movie," but the end result isn't as bad as anticipated. However, "The Garfield Movie" struggles to justify its existence and doesn't quite capture the essence of a "Garfield" film. While younger audiences might enjoy it, others, especially those without young children, will find little reason to watch it.

Garfield (voiced by Chris Pratt) enjoys an idyllic life with his owner Jon (Nicholas Hoult) and pet dog Odie. One night, Garfield and Odie are kidnapped and encounter Garfield's long-lost father, Vic (Samuel L. Jackson), who abandoned him as a kitten. The trio must infiltrate a highly secure farm and steal milk to gain their freedom from an evil Persian cat.

The best animated films appeal to a broad spectrum of audiences, but "The Garfield Movie" heavily targets younger viewers, alienating others in the process. Despite the effort, many jokes fall flat, and the voice cast, including Chris Pratt and Samuel L. Jackson, feels miscast. Their typical talents didn't translate well into their animated characters. Visually, the movie is vibrant but occasionally feels safe and generic. The narrative is competent yet formulaic and predictable. While children may enjoy "The Garfield Movie," longtime fans and older viewers will find little to engage with. Overall, "The Garfield Movie" will entertain kids, and for some (like us who have two young ones in tow), that's actually enough reason to give this a shot. However, for longtime fans of Garfield and older viewers, there’s little to look forward to in this film.

Rating: 2 reels

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