Under Paris (Sous la Seine): Movie Review

Under Paris (Sous la Seine) Movie Review: Under Cooked

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We love ourselves a shark film. From the realistic terror of "The Shallows" to the over-the-top silliness of "The Meg," a great shark film always delivers a potent mix of fear and adrenaline. We had high hopes for "Under Paris," but the end result is undercooked. While the film excels in its action sequences, the script and story frustratingly lack depth, proper pacing, and consistency.

Sophia (Bérénice Bejo), a scientist who lost her team in a shark attack years ago, is still dealing with the trauma. She learns from a young environmental activist that a large shark is swimming deep in the river - the same shark from her past that decimated her friends. To avoid a bloodbath in the heart of the city, they must join forces with the police to stop this deadly beast before it's too late.

If you crave a purely action-filled shark film, "Under Paris" might suffice. The shark scenes are decent, and Director Xavier Gens delivers well-shot underwater sequences. However, that's where the positives end. The film's pacing is its biggest flaw, coming off as a disjointed mishmash of scenes with characters and narrative evolving rapidly without proper setup or development. The ecological spin feels like a half-hearted attempt to address a modern dilemma, offering no clear conclusion or solid connection to the story. Moreover, the characters' irrational decisions become so frustrating that you might find yourself rooting for the sharks instead. The visual effects, particularly the sharks, didn't look great. But since we assume that this isn't a high-budget film, we can give this fact a pass. Sadly, "Under Paris" ultimately disappoints. While it captures the terrifying thrill of being underwater with a deadly predator, the film desperately needed more refinement in its storytelling and character development.

Rating: 2 reels

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