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Inception: Movie Review

“Inception” has always bewildered and amused us. On one hand, there is something captivating about the film that has always grabbed our attention. On the other end though there is doubt that this will be what it promises to be. Is it the over-the-top fight scenes? Is it the mind-bending physics? We hate to judge a book by its cover but we have seen a lot of films go the similar path as “Inception” that has fallen flat on their faces. “Inception” promises to be a refresher for the action and thriller genre by mixing it up with inspirations from sci-fi and philosophical themes. Will “Inception” be a huge bust or will it be a must watch? Read on to find out our verdict.

Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is an extractor. An extractor is an individual who steals information by tapping into a person’s deep subconscious during a dream. This is the new way of doing corporate espionage and Cobb is the best of his kind. Unfortunately, Cobb has been accused of killing his wife Mal and is unable to go back home due to his fugitive status. The story starts when Cobb has been hired by Cobalt Industries to extract confidential data from their business rival Saito (Ken Watanabe). When Cobb and his team fail to get the proper information from Saito, they are forced to flee for their safety from Cobalt. Saito catches up with them before they can leave and gives Cobb an offer he cannot resist. Saito demands that Cobb do an inception to Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy) and in exchange he will be able to go back home to his family in the United States. Cobb agrees and he forms a stronger team to do the seemingly impossible job of controlling indirectly the thoughts of a different person without him even noticing.

To be frank, “Inception” delivered on its promise and more – a whole lot more. The execution of the complicated plot and concept was just flawless. “Inception” will make you think and it will demand your attention a hundred percent of the time. You might miss key elements or dialogue even if you drift off for a few seconds. But take note, even if this is the case, the whole movie never felt dragging. In fact, the opposite happened. It will make you watch intensely as you want to know, see and feel more. We also liked how the film was presented - it was fast-paced, scenes will drift on endlessly, and yet it never felt rushed and was able to explain things well. This is crucial since the film will delve on complicated matters (and it will make your head hurt literally). This is probably the smartest movie this year hands down. To give you a better idea on how this film will feel like, the best comparison is “The Matrix" but “Inception” is better overall. Finally, we have to give props to Christopher Nolan for doing a perfect job on “Inception”. Given the complexities of the plot and subject matter, he was able to miraculously compress it in around 150 minutes and still present it in a believable manner with little or no loopholes. “Inception” is definitely the best action thriller film this year and is a sure bet on any Top 10, even Top 3 lists.

Rating: 5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- action, thriller, sci-fi and philosophical all perfectly mixed together
- the best Christopher Nolan film so far and that is saying a lot right there

Why you shouldn’t watch it:
- this will definitely demand complete attention from the audience’s part so skip this one if you don't want to think
- the film’s complexity might put some people off

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