Speed Racer : Movie Review

Most people from our generation would probably remember Speed Racer. The hyper rhythmic sound from its intro to the really outlandish races that happened. No doubt, it was everyone's (well to the boys most likely) dream to climb that Mach 5 race car and do the stunts and abilities it could do. The car was fast and damn it was surely better than any of James Bond's array of supercars through the years.

Speed Racer brings to the big screen that delight and that joyful glee that most of us have forgotten. The graphics alone could justify the wait. The look and the feel was completely like the old cartoons and yet more realistic and believable. The movie was also different as it took car racing in a whole new level. The colors and animation were brilliant and it showed several exciting and somewhat impossible race tracks and race cars doing awe-inspiring stuff, stuff that we ultimately saw during the animation's heyday. The movie should have a "Don't do this or don't imitate this" warning as it is that awesome and believable. As for the story, the start was rather slow and uninspired. We actually thought that the movie was going to be a flop because of the really awful start but during the mid and end parts of the film, it got better and better. In the end, the film is an exciting and enjoyable movie not just for the fans of the cartoon series but also for those who have never seen even one single episode. The racing alone will make your heart beat faster and faster, it will make you clinch your hands harder and harder and ultimately it will make you chant "Go Speed Racer Go!".

Rating : 3 and a half stars

Why you should watch it:

- Great animation and cool race cars and race tracks

- Excellent movie for the whole family

- Exhilirating ending

Not watch it:

- The movie kinda dragged in some parts

- The movie might make some people dizzy

- Bad start
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