Altered : Movie Review

We were wondering why a movie released two years ago (2006) and a regular at Cinemax would actually still be shown in the movie house. It made us wonder if the really bad Hollywood films are the ones being thrown in our country or if the movie is so bad that’s why it is just now that the local cinemas are able to show it. This is actually the first time we’ve encountered a movie that is being shown at the movie house and at the same time, being shown on cable TV.

The movie is no doubt low-budgeted but then it gave decent visuals and effects that are actually at times creepy and scary. The story is about five friends who were captured by aliens 15 years ago and only four of them came back. Now their goal is payback for their friend who never came back so they captured one of the creatures that kidnapped them before. They suddenly find themselves fighting for their lives as the alien proved to be powerful and definitely, very angry.

The movie was not at all bad considering that we expected it to be much, much worse. It showed some scary scenes that horror and suspense fans would enjoy. The acting was decent but the ending would really leave everyone unsatisfied. The ending pretty much ruined the parts that actually gave the movie potential. We wouldn’t actually recommend you watching the film in the movie house because you would just be wasting your money. If you are intrigued by the movie, we suggest you wait for it on Cinemax. It’ll save you ton of money and gas!

Rating : One and a half reels


- If you like alien, sci-fi flicks, you’ll enjoy this one

- The movie provides decent gore, decent acting, and decent horror


- It’s showing on Cinemax so you can just watch it at home

- If you hate aliens and you hate unrealistic movies

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