Get Smart : Movie Review

"Get Smart", hopefully most of the people reading our blog knows, is a James Bond-esque TV comedy show from way way back in the late 60's. it's agent, Maxwell Smart, had the swagger, the looks and even the gadgetry of 007 albeit Smart was actually an irony to his surname. The show combined the action that people get from spy flicks and shows while letting them laugh at the goofiness and clumsiness of its main character. Think of it as a real-life Scoody-Doo. It also had its fair-share of gadgets that actually went beyond the norm; gadgets that really were outrageous and impractical at best. Who could forget the cone of silence were it was so effective that the persons that needed to conceal their conversation couldn't hear themselves either or the shoe phone in which you had to remove your shoe to use it.

As we can see here, "Get Smart", the movie, has a lot to fill. So was it successful in doing so? We believe here in Reel Advice that it did so. First off, Steve Carell was really the right guy to have in this film. He was really brilliant in trying to portray a very, very serious Maxwell Smart even though he was somewhat a failure in doing so. mad props to you Steve! He had the right mix of seriousness and quirkiness. As for the other characters, well...they were great too. It's a relief not seeing the Rock Bottom in another film if you guys get our drift! The film's story is a bit of a let down since it was somewhat predictable but it won't stop viewers in enjoying the film from start to finish. Finally, the most important part is probably the comedic delivery of the flick and this is probably where it was most effective. Not only were the lines very effective but the various scenes as well. You won't stop laughing from the start to its very end. So if I were you...get off your seats and get smart. Please watch this flick??!!?

Rating : 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it :
- a laugh-out-loud experience
- a relief to the seriousness of most spy films.

Why you shouldn't watch it :
- if you really hate comedy films.
- if you wouldn't want to "get smart"
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