Wanted : Movie Review

Who could forget Gun Kata? The gun-based martial arts shown in Equilibrium. Well this film gave us the same sensation; the improbable become possible in a very awesome and heavenly way. Although in this case, guns as a form of martial arts is not the key but bullet-curving. As with most films like this (the guns-a-blazing variety), we did not expect it to really have a good story and plot.

The movie stars Wesley Gibson. A loser at best and, like most stereotypical workers, is not very happy with his life, work or love. Wesley feels that he is so small and insignificant in this world. This opportunity changes when one night he was saved by Fox in a pharmacy. He discovers soon after about the Fraternity and his secret connection with them. Basically, the ball rolls off after that.

As for the whole movie, we felt that in all fairness, it had a good story. it went beyond our expectations although its story had a rather fantastical and imaginative view of our world. It had twists, turns and surprises although all of them were in the end. And we guess that is were Wanted fails ultimately. It was too slow for us and dragging at best. There was too much talk and no action. We expected a thrill ride not a love tunnel experience with a surprise fall at the end of it. Worse, it did not really have that good of an ending to save it. Wanted is not the most wanted in our list for action films this year.

Rating : 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it :
-Angelina is really, really hot!
- nothing can beat the coolness of bullet-curving.

Why you shouldn't watch it :
- if you expect a heart-pounding thrill ride, it's not!
- really dragging until the last quarter of the film.


  1. It pains me to see that you've only given this movie 3.5. Are you sure parehas na wanted pinanuod natin?

  2. Yes we saw the same movie! hahahaha

  3. Parma alam ko ikaw yan si anonymous hehe