Flood : Movie Review

Who could forget The Day After Tomorrow or even maybe the ten-year old flick Deep Impact. These movies like Flood present us with scenes of famous cities being flooded or overran by water. The difference you may ask? Well, it's London, not the U.S.A! No offense to Americans but it really gets old when its always your country and cities which gets destroyed! The question now is if it is really worth it to watch a film a year old already (maybe even more!) and watch a European city get flooded.

The premise of the movie starts of when a storm starts to form in Europe. It has caused massive flooding already in some countries but poor old Britain is dumb-founded to be prepared for the disaster. Its Met Office (their Pagasa in Filipino terms) believes that the storm will not pass through London; meaning it would be an exaggeration to at least warn the people of the massive storm and be prepared for the worst case scenario. Well, as from the title itself, they discover soon enough that they were naively wrong and chaos ensues thereafter.

For us, the movie was, just to put it bluntly, B-O-R-I-N-G. It's really bad when you see half the movie house falling asleep less than halfway through the movie or seeing two couples walking out of the theater not caring that they even paid for the flick. It was more talk than action, more science-y stuff than film actually. Which for some may not be bad, but for most will be a snooze fest. It won't help either that it uses flickering subtitles that aren't even in English and takes 1/4th of the whole screen. Finally, the film is mostly newsreels of floods. We don't know, but sometimes overusing newsreels is bad also. We won't even get to the CG that this film uses for its flood and what not.

Only a few British films ever penetrate the local movie scene and this is the best they can show here in the Philippines? Please! We know there are a lot more films from Britain or from Europe that are way better in every aspect. We would take any American-themed disaster flick any day when this is all that other nations can muster!

Rating: .5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- if you want to avoid sleeping pills...why not?

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- boring as hell
- CG our ass!
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