Hancock is not your ordinary superhero. He’s a drunkard, impolite, and thinks highly of himself. At times he even causes more damage whenever he tries to save people that’s why he is not particularly loved by all. A PR man named Ray who Hancock saved one day decided that he will commit himself into helping Hancock become the superhero that he deserves to be. He deserves to be loved, admired and appreciated and so they came up with a plan that eventually worked.

Seems like a brilliant set-up right? But then this whole story just happened for the first thirty minutes or so. After Hancock gains the admiration of the city of Los Angeles, we thought to ourselves “Uh oh…the story seemed to have ended but we were less than an hour into the movie…what now?” A bizarre twist in the story happens after when Hancock learns about his past that has something to do with Ray’s wife, Mary. We can’t help but think that the writers just tried to make the movie longer. Great start but they weren’t able to sustain it at all. We even wished that the movie just ended after the first thirty minutes because it was great until that point.

Honestly, we expected more from Hancock since Will Smith has been consistently topping the box office with every movie he comes out on. We liked his acting in this movie and some of the action scenes but it fell short of our expectations. I guess this is the type of film that you can just wait for on HBO. It is definitely not a loss if you didn’t get to see it.

Rating : 2.5 reels

Why you should watch it:

- Will Smith is just a great actor whether he’s acting in a great movie or a bad movie

- Light comedy

- The first thirty minutes of the movie is great

Why you shouldn't watch it:

- If you want a action packed film from start to finish, this is not the movie for you

- Makes you feel queasy as you really sense that they tried to make it longer

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